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5 Reasons to Join a Beginner Yoga Class

I developed and started teaching beginner/basics classes about four years ago. It is such a sweet honour to be the first teacher to expose people to the practices of Yoga. Beginners are some of my favorite groups to teach!

Though I never took a beginner class until eight years into my practice (I started in the only class my teacher taught, a multi-level class), here are some of the reasons I think a beginner class is worthwhile.

1. You know you are in the right place

Attending a beginner class gives you the confidence that you will not be in over your head. You will start slowly and learn building blocks of the practice. You may be a little bit nervous but you won't have to be intimidated.

2. You are less likely to compete, and therefore less likely to be injured

In our western society competition is valued and even encouraged but competition does not work in Yoga and can lead to injuries. In my all-level classes some of the participants have been practicing Yoga for longer than I have (for almost 20 years!). I see a tendency toward trying to keep up with the class but in a beginner class there is no need, and even no opportunity, to do so.

3. It will blow your mind

Over 1.4 million Canadians and 20.4 million Americans are practicing yoga and these numbers are growing. Joining a beginner class will expose you to all the benefits of these practices that are bringing these numbers of people to Yoga classes. Yoga works on so many levels, not only physical but mental, emotional, and even spiritual. In my personal journey it has healed and transformed me (but that story is for a later blog post).

4. It may just be a perfect fit for you

Sometimes less is more! Some people who attend classes prefer to continue practicing in my beginner/basics class. It is a more gentle and simple practice and some people feel like they have "landed" in the place they need to be. There is no pressure for participants to move into any other classes.

5. It's good place to start

On the other hand for those who wish to try other classes it will prepare them for the things to come. My beginner class is called "Yoga Foundations." It develops the foundations of the practice so that you can feel confident to move into other all-level or multi-level classes.

Please feel free to share with me some of your reasons for joining beginner classes. If you are interested in joining my next Yoga Foundations session it starts on Monday September 14th, 2015 from 6:00 - 7:15 pm at Tapestry Yoga Studio. This class usually fills up quickly so contact me if you are interested in registering.

love and light,


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