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Studio Sneak Peak

This is a little photo blog of the studio and how it is progressing.

Keys to the studio!

Paint colours

Subfloor is in, having fun with the paint. OM.

Goodbye seahorses! This mirror found a home at the Restore, any takers?!

The flooring, ready to install. It took countless hours for my husband and I to put it in, we worked in the evenings after our day jobs to get it done. I learned how to use the mitre saw and finishing nailer!

Construction zone!

160 feet of base board to prep and paint!

It's almost ready!

We have been working so hard since May to bring you a functional, clean, and beautiful space to practice Yoga. Though there are many details to see through it's on schedule to open for classes this fall!

A HUGE "thank you" is in order for my supportive and handy husband, Tyson Fetch, who managed to not only complete all of these (and more) projects but finish his Master's Degree in Education over the last couple of months.

Please stay in touch through Facebook and Instagram and stay tuned for the fall schedule which we are just putting the finishing touches on and will be out soon!

love and light,


#studio #mystory #takingtheleap

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