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Studio Open House

...and it's done! The studio is READY! Our open house is in just 3 days and classes start in 4!

It is hard to believe I started this journey five months ago, it was not done on my own, far from it! I have so many "thank you's" and people to acknowledge that helped with the studio's fruition.

- to my sisters Trina and Melissa for your support, encouragement, listening to my self-doubts and anxiety, assistance with cleaning, your musical ability, and marketing advice.

- to Roxanne and Laurie - for your ideas, feedback, and collaboration, I feel blessed that I have such amazing teachers as you teaching at the studio.

- to my friend Amy Lokken - you are an amazing tile artist and I am so pleased with our stunning reception desk!

- to Paul Ross and my Aunt Chrissy (from Kendall Construction) for assisting with the subfloor and flooring.

- my dad for consulting with me about the heating/cooling, etc.

- to my beautiful teenagers Caissey, Olivia, and Duncan - THANK YOU for being so understanding as dad and I have been away from home more through this process, thank you for your visits while I worked, being interested in what the next project was, and bringing your friends for tours. I love you to the moon and sun and back, and infinity x 10!

- THE most amazing, handy, and supportive man, my husband Tyson - who put in hundreds of hours of labour to make the studio functional and beautiful. You and your skills never cease to amaze me and thank you for helping me follow my heart, my dharma, and my dreams!

Our full weekly schedule starts the week of September 13, 2015, there is still room in some classes to register. There is a PDF on our "calendar" page with the full line-up. Please call or email me, Celeste Boran-Fetch, studio owner/director with questions or to sign-up.

Finally, please feel free to join us on Monday September 7th, 2015 at our open house to help us open the space! It is sure to be a joyous occassion! We are located at 160B 16th Street West in Prince Albert (see the map on our "contact us" page).

love and light,


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