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Safe and Happy Holidays from Tapestry Yoga Studio

We have some exciting happenings at Tapestry over the holidays!

Yoga for Peace

Like many others, I've been affected by the news of recent terrorist attacks. In the days after the attacks in Paris I practiced a mantra meditation chanting "Om Shanti Om" 108 times. Shanti means "peace;" when I create peace in myself I reflect it back out into the world.

So when Roxanne approached me about hosting an event at the studio to support the Syrian refugees my answer was an enthusiatic "yes!" I am sadened by what the Syrian people have been through. I can only imagine the trauma and tragedy; I feel so blessed to be safe here in Saskatchewan.

My attention to this issue has been heightened by how divisive it has been; I am embarrased by the reaction of some Canadians. This event is a small way that we can be change in the world. Please join us in "Yoga for Peace."

We are working with Ashley McLean of the YWCA Settlement Services to coordinate the fundraising aspect of the evening. Proceeds of the evening will go to the people through their organization. The money be used to help families with any short comings in getting settled or to help pay for programs the YWCA couldn't otherwise afford. Some of the examples may include; art therapy for youth, programs for new moms, drivers courses for those needing it for employment. Even if you aren't able to make it to the event you can still donate through the studio. Charitable reciepts will be issued by the YWCA.

Please join us for a special evening!

OM for the Holidays

Though we may not want to admit it, Christmas and the holidays are not always merry and bright. There are many pressures and expectations this time of year. People are often out of routine, staying up later, attending more events and gatherings, eating, drinking, and spending more. We generally focus less on health and balance than usual.

Further, from Yoga philosophy we have samskaras, explained as our karmic inheritance of patterns and habits, the impressions, ideas or actions that make-up our conditioning. Because of this we can be triggered, regress, and fall into our samskaras when spending time with our family of origin.

As I was growing up my dear mother would put a lot of pressure on herself to make Christmas special, she would also get very stressed out when hosting company. As a mother myself this is part of my negative samsakara, I have often carried on this behaviour.

Though, through my Yoga practice I am consistently working to change this samsakara and become more mindful, the grooves can be deep. I try to plan further ahead, illict help from others, change my thoughts, and take time to consciously breath. I am also continually trying to simplify the holidays with less excess and to donate and give more to those who have less. Doing this is consistent with the 8 limbs of Yoga, one of the Yoga Yamas (internal observances) referred to as aparigraha meaning “greedlessness.”

Generally, I pause classes over Christmas break but this year people inquired about coming to the studio to practice when they are home for the holidays. In order to focus more on balance and health, I am pleased to present "OM for the Holidays!" All are welcome, and for our regular students you may want to bring along a friend or family member to share the experience of Yoga at your favorite studio! Use this time to check in with yourself, to make time for detox, de-stress, decompress, self-care, and to create new grooves.

Please contact me with any questions. Be safe and well this holiday season!

love and light,


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