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Our beginner/basics class series is aptly named Yoga Foundations because we teach you the fundamentals and cover the basics to build skills for a safe and effective practice. 


Foundations is a four week series for brand new students; no prior experience is required. We will meet you where you are and provide a safe space for new students to learn gentle beginning asana (postures), alignment, and breath work.  Students gain an understanding of synchronizing breath and movement and how this practice becomes a moving meditation.


There is an introduction to the language of yoga with both Sanskrit and English terms used. We also introduce the use of props and how they can help support your practice.  We teach modifications so that students are able to work at their own level. Once you have completed this class you will be prepared to move into our other all-levels classes at the studio.


Some of the reasons to take a beginner Yoga class series:

- It is designed especially for beginners.

- It really dials things back and teaches you the building blocks of Yoga poses.

- You will feel comfortable and safe.

- You are less like to try to keep up with other more experienced students and therefore less likely to become discouraged or be injured.

- It will prepare you for other classes in or out of the studio.

- You also get bonus classes to use when this class is done, included in your registration!


We have a four week beginner class series, offered two per year; to see our schedule and when our beginner classes happen visit our calendar. To register use our contact us page.

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