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Marcia Klein

It is an honour to teach yoga with Tapestry Yoga in Prince Albert.

Jan Henrikson facilitated my 200hr yoga teacher training. Her creative engaged style of jivamukti/ Iyengar yoga inspired me. I appreciated her use of music and chanting in her flow classes and always savoured 
her readings and quotes as a source of inspiration. So when I teach, I embrace these ways during my beginner yoga classes.


I enjoy creating flow sequences that reflect our natural surroundings with the intent 
that students stretch to their potential, smile, laugh, and find peace and serenity. Yoga is a practice for the body, head, heart and spirit. And it is fun!

My young yoga students share joy and laughter at school. Each winter during lunch recess, the gym fills up with 10-60 little ones for our beginning yoga class. These kids learn to get their downward dog on, practice other poses and adore a modified shoulder stand against the wall at the end of the class - we call it the 'snoring' pose.


I taught beginner yoga to adults and youth in Waskesiu in 2011-2013 and Anglin Lake 2015-2016 inside and outside savouring the chance to be inspired by the lake, trees and gorgeous sky.

I love to be in nature and have made choices to 'make it so'. Walking, running or cross country skiing each day with my dog, Soleil, and friends or family, is a form of meditation. It is a yoga practice - pranyama: breathing. I paddle - kayak, canoe, SUP board, enjoying the thrill of a whitewater run as much as a glassy lake glide. Yoga 
complements my outdoor pursuits and is integrated in my teaching style.

peace, love and joy,


- Bachelor of Education
- Sacred Ground Yoga Teacher Training 200hr 2010-2011

Continuing Education:
Tibetan Heart Yoga Series 1 Series 7 weekend workshops
Carl Straub Assists and Alignment 15hr
David Newman and Mira Bhakti yoga 15 hr


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Celeste Boran-Fetch

As a child, though my exposure to worldly things was limited, I was intrigued by the East.  I remember seeing the word “Yoga” on a book in my home.  I loved listening to my dad's Beatles records and appreciated their influences from Indian culture and mysticism.   As a teen I was inquisitive and I would explore and inquire about matters like “who am I?” and “what is the meaning of life?”


I officially began on the path of Yoga when I found my beloved teacher Karen Skoronski in 2002.  As a young mother and university student I found through steady practice had to face myself.  I could heal old wounds; I could un-do the recurring patterns passed down from my family of origin.  Yoga helped me cope with stress and the hectic life of marriage, parenting, and university.  I started to find the light within and loved myself for the very first time.  I fell in love with a practice, a system, an art.  Yoga healed me; it gave me a method to explore myself and it changed my course.


In 2010 Karen moved away and asked me to take the teacher’s seat.  I was heart-broken for her leaving but knew that I was being called.  I feel deeply honored to carry on the lineage and the teachings she shared.


I soon dove into my teacher training program with Jan Henrikson at Joos Yoga School.  Jan pushed me out of my comfort zone which was exactly what I needed at that point in my Yoga practice and my life.  In 2011, I completed my 200 hour Joos Yoga Teacher Training forever grateful and forever changed.


My teaching is further informed by somatics.  My background also includes counselling and social work; I am a registered social worker.  My interest areas include mental health, particularly depression, anxiety, and stress, addictions, family systems, and social justice. I have taken a keen interest in trauma and its effects by studying Peter Levine's Somatic Experiencing since 2016. I will complete my advanced year in 2019.


When I’m not practicing or studying Yoga you can find me reading, drinking tea, preserving food, cooking (and taking food photos), watching lacrosse, and hanging out and laughing with my young adult children.  I enjoy walking our dog Luna, hiking, cross-country skiing, camping, canoeing, making hand-made beauty and cleaning supplies, and organizing.  Many of these activities I do with my Gurus, my husband and best friend, Tyson and our young adult children Caissey, Olivia, and Duncan.


As much as I love teaching I love learning even more; I continue to study and practice on my own and by attending classes, retreats, workshops, and online training.  My personal practice includes not only Yoga asana (poses), but the philosophy which guides me in a way that creates a better life and better world. I find inspiration and opportunities to practice in daily life and my relationships.


As I continue on this path I weave and integrate Yoga teachings as a guide for my growth as a human being.  I feel a deep sense of gratitude to my lineage, my teachers Karen, Jan, Brenda, Andrea, my grandfather Leo Boran, my family of origin, my husband, my amazing children, my resilient social work clients, the beautiful souls I serve in my classes and offerings, and all others whom inspire and fill my cup.


love and light,

       Celeste Boran-Fetch      



For credentials,

my Yoga resume:                                                                       

Laurie Basaraba


My Yoga journey began when I had moved to Penticton BC in 2006. I'm surprised that it took that long for yoga to find it's way into my life, as I felt so connected, inspired and in love with it from my very first class. Having grown up in Prince Albert and being a jazz, tap, and ballet dancer, it was so intriguing to observe the similarities and polarities from the brain and body of a dancer to that of a Yogi.


The shifts in mindfulness, awareness, presence and acceptance that yoga had to offer were and are such a beautiful thing to experience. I knew immediately that Yoga would be in my life forever, and that my new found passion for it was something that I absolutely had to share. I began my teacher training very shortly after I began practicing.

I had the pleasure of teaching many different types of classes at many different locations to all kinds of fabulous and diverse students. In Penticton I initially taught Hatha Flow, Hot Yoga, Power Yoga, Okanagan Hockey School Yoga, Techno Yoga at Reflexions Yoga Studio, and Yoga for Members and Men's Yoga at City Centre Fitness. 


I also began teaching Flow Yoga Classes, Hot Yoga, and Candlelight Yoga at Bodies on Power and Gentle, Multilevel, and Yoga for Athletes at Purple Lotus Yoga Studio. I had contracts with Okanagan Falls Park and Rec (mostly sweet, little old ladies here), Kidsports Summer Camps, and the Penticton Community Centre with various yoga classes. I also loved teaching yoga on the beach, private and prenatal classes. From my experience, I can absolutely attest to the fact that Yoga is for Every Body :)

My original 200 hr RYT certification was with Teresa Maurer at Reflexions Yoga School. I was so blessed to get to complete my 300hr upgrade training in Melaque, Mexico with the fabulous Marion (Mugs) McConnell, who sits on the Standards Committee for Yoga Alliance, is the Canadian Representative for the International Yoga Teachers’ Association (IYTA), and co-owner of the South Okanagan Yoga Association (SOYA). Also involved in the fabulous training in Mexico were SOYA co-owner and Mugs' husband Bob McConnell, and Carla Wainwright, founding owner of Chinook Yoga in Prince George BC.


I have loved being a student in various workshops with my friends and colleagues of Purple Lotus Yoga Studio Kamala Wilkie, Natasha Scott and Kassandra Morrison. I have also attended workshops with Wade Morrissette, and through SOYA with Tracey Rich and Ganga White of White Lotus Foundations and Mark Stephens, all out of California.


I think my favourite thing about yoga is that no matter what you bring to the mat from one day to the next, you will always roll up that mat afterwards Feeling Better. How beautiful is that?!




- E-RYT 200 with over 2000 teaching hours through Yoga Alliance
- 300hr upgrade through SOYA
- RYT 500 through Yoga Alliance
- 100hr Ashtanga Yoga certification

- 85 hour pre & postnatal Yoga certification