Signing up for Public Classes



*If you have any difficulty with any of these steps simply

call Studio Owner/Director Celeste Boran-Fetch at

306.981.5027 and she will happily walk you through it.*


Steps to Sign Up:

1. Review the class description  page on this website. Choose the class that is right for you, if you aren't sure we would be happy to discuss your needs and suggest the best fit for you. Just contact us.

2. Check the calendar on the practice page. You can begin classes anytime as intake is ongoing.

3. Contact Celeste via phone 306.981.5027 or the contact us page to register. Please let us know:

  • your name

  • email address

  • phone number

  • the class you would like to join

4. Payment can be made with cash, cheque, or E-transfer, or via credit card with our online booking system.  Cheques can be made out to "Celeste Boran-Fetch." For some classes that fill up quickly we may ask for pre-payment to secure your spot in the class.

5. We will send you a "welcome" email with details such as what to wear, bring, where to park, etc. and get you set up as a member in our new online booking system (see our privacy policies here).

6. If you haven't already we will create an online profile for you using our online booking system. You will receive a user name and password. Use it to enter the system and book all your classes in advance to save your spot in the class. Access the system here.  There is also a free app called "studiobookings."

7. If you are brand new to classes please complete a "Yoga Intake Questionnaire," you can print one off before the class starts but hard copies will also be available at class.

8. Please complete a "Waiver," you can print one off before the class starts but hard copies will also be available at class.


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