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Our Studio

We are conveniently located on the second floor of 160 B 16th Street West, just off 2nd Avenue West. There is ample non-metered street parking and a parking lot in the evening hours.


Our studio space is bright, clean, and has beautiful bamboo flooring. We have coat hangers and cubbies for your belongings. We have two fully stocked cedar prop closets with bolsters, straps, blocks, blankets, sandbags, eye pillows, and mat cleaner. Our change room has ample space and a locking door. We have a student lounge area in our reception room with tea, a water dispenser, snacks, adult colouring books, and reading materials available. We have a boutique set up with high quality Yoga gear from Halfmoon Yoga out of Vancouver.


Whenever possible we use products that minimize the impact on the earth such as natural cleaners, organic tea, and recycled paper products.  Our bamboo flooring is more sustainable than other hardwood as it is made from a fast-growing renewable "timber" (bamboo is actually a grass). It is also naturally anti-bacterial.  


We strive to be inclusive and welcome all people.  If you have feedback on how we can improve on being inclusive please let us know.  To learn more about our philosophy and how we live Yoga see our mission and values below. 




Our mission is to serve students by weaving ancient teachings and practices of Yoga to create a tapestry that is relevant for modern life. In our offerings we assist people in addressing challenges such as stress, imbalance, distraction, dis-ease, and discomfort.  We facilitate a safe and inclusive community of Yogis and Yoginis; in our offerings we hold space for healing, introspection, integration, connection and evolution.  As students and teachers of Yoga we strive to approach both from our heart center and to embody kindness, humility, compassion, love, and discipline.



Logo Symbolism and Values


Each of the five petals in the logo represent one of the things we strive to faciliate in our offerings and a characteristic we strive to embody.  They weave together to create a tapestry of some of our deepest values.


~ healing, introspection, integration, connection and evolution

~ kindness, humility, compassion, love, and discipline

Living Yoga

In order to take Yoga off our mats and live Yoga we support community programs and services through hosting occasional fundraisers, karma classes, and making donations. Some of the programs and agencies we have supported in the past have been:

The PA Food Bank

Jessy's Garden

Women for Peace and Democracy in Nepal

After-School Art Program - Common Weal Community Arts

Tri4Kids Camp Fundraising Campaign

YWCA Settlement Services in support of Syrian Refugees

Lakeland Early Learning Cooperative - Christopher Lake Day Care

Kinettes Club Dueling Pianos Fundraiser

Team 4 Hope - Raising money for Neuroblastoma research

Candle Lake Fun Run 

Prince Albert Pride Committee - Facebook Page

The Desai Foundation 

The Rose Garden Hospice 


You may also read above about doing our little part for the environment.

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