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Children and Youth Yoga

Celeste has taught special yoga classes in Prince Albert and area for children and youth since 2008. Age groups of the children ranged from 4 to 17 years old. Classes have a recreational or therapeutic focus.


The yoga classes for kids include engaging games, activities, and partner work. We often use props like feathers, straws, and cotton balls to learn about the breath. They are absorbing classes with fun music geared toward children.   They have a strong focus on mindfulness and are inherently self-regulating.


The yoga classes for teens are dynamic and build confidence and inner resources. They often include themes of empowerment, self-love and acceptance, and community. They are taught with a soundtrack of contemporary music.


Organizations where Celeste has offered classes or presentations:

WJ Berezowsky Public School

White Buffalo Youth Treatment Centre - Sturgeon Lake First Nation

Prince Albert Volleyball Club

Healing Hurting Hearts Grief Camp - Prince Albert Parkland Health Region

P.A.C.I. Public High School

Ecole Vickers Public School

Carlton Comprehensive Public High School


Classes or workshops can be tailored to various groups depending on needs. You can also check out our Life-cycle class descriptions here to get a sense of the possibilities. Please inquire about classes or workshops for your organization or school to see if what we can offer is a good fit.  

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