New to Yoga?

Are you brand new to Yoga? Discover why so many people have found and love Yoga! Read stories of local people who attend classes and how they benefit here. Check out our "New to Yoga" pages. Get to know more about what to expect, bring and why we have specialized beginner Yoga classes.
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Our Teachers

Combined Laurie, Tyson, and Celeste have over 36 years of personal yoga practice, 1,800+ hours of Yoga training, and 24 years of teaching experience.

Our Yoga Offerings

Life-Cycle Yoga Programs

We are the only Yoga Studio in P.A. to offer specialized classes for Prenatal, Mama & Baby, Kids, and Parent/tot! These classes are so joyful; we love when families practice yoga together. It is an honour to hold space for community to grow and mamas to find support. Kids are natural Yogis, their classes are play-based, therapeutic in nature, and give kids a chance to use their imagination.

Private Yoga

Private Yoga classes are an opportunity for individualized attention for a specific purpose with goals developed between student and teacher. Whether it be physical goals with immediate feedback about alignment and safely getting in and out of the poses or applying to tools of Yoga to strengthen resiliency and improve mental and emotional health, it can be catered to the students' needs.

Public Classes

We have a variety of styles of Yoga classes to meet your needs. Our Restore & More class helps you activate your parasympathetic nervous system for healing and building immunity. We have Flow and Hatha Flow that work to build strength and become a moving meditation. Our new class Warm Vin/Yin works on the deep tissues of the body and then moves through a dynamic flowing sequence. 
New Students:
$25 unlimited for 2 weeks
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Not sure what class to take? Schedule a phone consultation with Celeste to choose a class that meets your needs via our contact us page here.
Viparita Karani ~ Legs up the Wall
Vasisthasana ~ Side Plank
Bhujangasana ~ Cobra Pose
Svarga Divijasana ~ Bird of Paradise
Ardha Chandrasana ~ Half Moon Pose
Baddha Konasana ~ Cobbler Pose





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